Into The Pride

by Running Like Lions

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Running Like Lions is:

Dan Pereira - Vocals / Guitar
Bruno Peras - Vocals / Guitar
Caio Saad - Vocals / Bass
Rodrigo Lira - Drums


released November 8, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Otavio Cavalheiro at Cabaret Studios
Mastered by Fernando Sanches at Estudio El Rocha
Album cover by Julio Souza (Illustration) and Leon Martinez (Layout)

drums recorded by Arthur Carvalho.



all rights reserved


Running Like Lions São Paulo, Brazil

They run. They fall. They rise. Surviving like the lions in the jungle. Heavily influenced by Punk rock, full of passion, kinda lost and put aside by most of the bands nowadays. Running Like Lions is a mix of a friendship and nothing more than heart-written songs of the most mature hardcore , punk rock, lost, but never forgotten and yet to be brought back by this 100% focused 4-piece gang ... more

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Track Name: 99 Yards
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
Trying to build a better way on my own
Time and time I try to walk away from this sickin' feeling

But, circumstance keeps pulling me back
Back to the start,
Where it all began

These conversations and desperation
You won't remember a word I've said .
This situation, no motivation
You never can go back

I'm already on a new route, straight forward to the unknown
Here we go, on my own again

But, circumstance keeps pulling me back, pulling me back
Back to the start,
Where it all began

These conversations and desperation
You won't remember a word I've said.
This situation, no motivation
You never can go back
Track Name: Brand New
Street lights are flashing around us, frail words become so clear by now, then I realize, it has just began

You left, reckless abandoned, as if we were on our own
Just cope with the only reason you're dead just like your heart
You took it for granted, you're changing directions
Searching for the answers, you gave up.

Just take that torch and pray for whoever you wanna pray
I'll bring some matches and we will pretend to play your game
There's no such thing as calling it a common sense
I'll shake your hand, you'll burn that bridge, even If I'm crossing it

Don't even try to come back son, that bridge is gone
Just like an ash pile on a squall. It's time to break some walls.
You took it too far, led to seizures and fractures
Searching for the lights you've just turned off

Just take that torch and pray for whoever you wanna pray
I¥ll bring some matches and gasoline to play your game
There's no way out , I see the curly smoke of that bridge you had to burn
I¥ll let it go, build a new bridge instead of a cracking wall.

I refuse to think
I refuse to feel
I refuse to deal
I refuse to hold it.
I refuse to hold it against my wall
Track Name: Don't Lose Your Bracket
After all these years, walking forward side by side
We kept together all those childhood dreams.
Above right or wrong, we grew strong
Keeping to ourselves that feeling that we can defeat them all

When you give up,
You leave behind everything you said to me.

You used to say to everyone around
That everything you say stand for everything you do
I hope is true,
I don't want to see you falling on your own words

When you give up,
You leave behind everything you said to me.
Track Name: Homewreck
You Keep on Saying I'm an asshole !
Track Name: Tip Of My Toes
It's just a matter of time to start feeling the consequences
It's hard to live knowing that your body kills yourself.
Piece by piece

Build me up one of these days to help me
Being fucked up with no fault, It's such a guilt for me
Tip of my toes... I hurt 'em to feel a bit closer to what I am

It may sound strange, sounds like a metaphor.
But you can fuck me up, but my heart will keep me standing on and on
Growing up with all those rules made me struggle to a new level in my life
Not just needles ripping my own skin
Day by day
Track Name: Positive Along The Way
I need to talk to you my friend
Your life is not a mess, believe me
There's so many good things waiting next to you

I know it's hard to walk the line
The devil's walking across these hard times
So keep your head straight across this line

Let it go
Resentment, revenge
And all these kind of feelings that we used to care
I still don't know
You keep near and you care
About these fake friends, they are really never there

You can close your eyes
I can catch you when you fall
I'm a real friend, you can count it on
Leave away all the mess
Kick away the broken glass
Straight ahead my friend and find happiness!!
Track Name: Like Lions (feat. Henrike)
Like lions we run, like lions we rise,
Like lions we're struggling to be alive.
We will never escape, we face our fears and fight!
And every time you fall, just look at us, shake the dust,
Listen to what they say, "one life one chance",
No regrets, no shame.

The sun shines bright, and it keeps shining on me,
It's 9 o'clock, I'm walking around and I'm all alone again
Just thought about the way, we see each other every day,
But no way, you keep tripping on that same old stone again

You keep spending that quality time,
Thinking about how to change your fucked up life,
But you don't move your ass away
Don't point fingers at anyone, don't throw you life away,
Let's change, let the sunshine in don't close your window again

Yeah, I got a lions' heart, I'm running with the pack
We're fucking kings and we got your back
Time to feel proud and shout out loud
Never let them shut your fucking mouth
Track Name: Singapore (Lion City)
Are you ready for what's next to come?
It feels like I'm waiting for some action, and never having enough.

When the hunt season starts, pieces all over the place

I'd rather be more like Shane and the only thing I'll care about, is my insanity.
I'm losing my mind out here, I'd rather shoot you now and leave you behind.
And get free.

Are you ready for what's last to feel
At least I feel like hovering on the brink of tears
So many borders crossed, you even took my security
I'm just waiting for your next move

When the hunt season ends, hope we'll try to be friends
Track Name: Kneel and Pray (Feat. Uirá Medeiros)
Full of bills, I can feel, My life's destroyed again

I can win or I can lose
But I can't never turn away from all my closest dreams
Fulfill my heart, leave all this pain away
I can say, for sure that life is better than a cloudy day

Things will change, I'm gonna keep my head up
Kneel and pray, because tomorrow brings a brand new day

But now we're lost again
I'm very thankful and god knows this is true
But now we're lost again, we're lost again

Broken bones but my heart keeps beating
Keep on tripping every day
Track Name: Mission Accomplished
It's been so long
Since you called me and made your very last contact
I hope you're doing well on your mission
I'm feeling cold as a winter frozen river full covered of snow
But all inside there's a flame that shines like gold

Don't miss that old ship there anchors up, we're ready to go
I feel the oceans breeze
I fear the misted lighthouse on the shore

So come on i just can't do it by myself
This sea is full of sharks i need you there
But if you say you'll be on board someday
There's no escape I'll seat right here and wait for a few more days